Snow · 15. December 2017
Early season snow depths around the northern Japan island of Hokkaido. Our backyard is Tokachidake, which is right in the heart of one of the deep red zones.
Snow · 07. December 2017
It is early December and with all the snow that we have had, looks like early January.
Snow · 09. October 2017
There are two distinct seasons to be hiking in the Daisetsuzan National Park. In July the snow has finally melted back. Flowers of all varieties start blooming in the alpine, like the ‘chinguruma,’ which color the landscape a sea of yellow. The other season is Autumn and the changing of the leaves. It is a short window and one must make the opportunity to see these colours before they fade. This year I recently ascended ‘Sandanyama’ with a group of friends after the year's first...