Avalanche Skills Training 1-Hokkaido

The Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course provides an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. The course is highly recommended to anyone venturing in to the backcountry and provides participants with a good understanding of avalanche fundamentals and safe mountain travel.

Course Program


Day 1 Classroom theory


  • Goals and objectives for the Course
  • Avalanche phenomena
  • Avalanche formation and safety
  • Characteristics of avalanches
  • Avalanche Terrain Recognition
  • Introduction to the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES)
  • Mountain snowpack and snow metamorphism


  • Assessing and reducing avalanche risk
  • Accessing and utilizing the Avalanche Danger Scale and Public Avalanche Bulletins
  • Using the AvaluatorTM
  • Human factors and decision making
  • Safe travel and trip planning components
  • Companion Rescue
  • Avalanche transceivers
  • Weather and public avalanche bulletin discussion
  • Discuss logistics for the Field Day

Day 2  Backcountry field day

  • Field observations
  • Managing and reducing risk in avalanche terrain
  • Route selection, track setting and terrain recognition
  • Snow profile, stability tests and identifying layers of concern
  • Group rescue scenario – response and priorities

2019 Course Dates




25,000 yen


Course Venue