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Backcountry · 01. March 2018
Skiing the live volcano of Mt Tokachi at the southern end of the Daisetsuzan National Park can be one of the best ski days you have in Hokkaido.
Backcountry · 11. February 2018
Skiing powder down to a remote fishing town on the west coast of Hokkaido.
Backcountry · 23. January 2018
A day's backcountry skiing on Furanodake in the Tokachidake area of Daisetsuzan National Park
Backcountry · 04. January 2018
For backcountry skier visitors to Niseko, skiing from the volcano's rim is one descent you will never forget.
Backcountry · 26. December 2017
For a backcountry skier, a descent of Hokkaido's iconic Mt Yotei is one of the best you'll make.
Freeride · 20. December 2017
Life in one of the snowiest towns in the world
Snow · 15. December 2017
Early season snow depths around the northern Japan island of Hokkaido. Our backyard is Tokachidake, which is right in the heart of one of the deep red zones.
Snow · 07. December 2017
It is early December and with all the snow that we have had, looks like early January.
Backcountry · 27. November 2017
The early pioneers of Tokachidake at the southern end of the Daisetsuzan National Park. How the search for hot springs created a Hokkaido backcountry skiing hot spot.
Freeride · 23. November 2017
Freeriding on Hokkaido's highest volcano. Backcountry on the front side.

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