Japan Guided Backcountry-Rishiri Volcano

Ski Mt Rishiri, an island volcano in the Sea of Japan

Over the 11 day trip, you will ski the secluded Central Hokkaido backcountry, and then transfer to the volcano island of Rishiri. You will ski the  huge flanks of the volcano, accessed by snowmobile on the approaches.


This is a true Japanese backcountry ski adventure, combining touring from a hot spring accommodation, bathing in hot thermal springs and savoring the delicious local seafood.


This is on the bucket list for many Japanese backcountry skiers.


The Areas

Asahikawa sits on the  door step of the Daisetsuzan Range of mountains. Low humidity levels produce some of the lightest consistency powder in the world. 


Rishiri Island rises out of the Sea of Japan to 1,721 meters. The island was formed by the volcanic peak of Mount Rishiri. The area is part of the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park.


Trip Type

Backcountry focus trip. Up to 1,500 meter vertical ascent days.

Terrain and Snow

Alpine and tree terrain with deep powder


Typical Program

Day 1

Arrive in to the bustling Asahikawa, the second largest city in Hokkaido. Meet your guide and discuss the adventure ahead over dinner.


Day 2

Ski 'Black Peak,' which rises from a gorge. A tram and then a chair accesses the upper mountain, from which a skin provides possibilities for some of the biggest lift accessed terrain in Hokkaido. 


Day 3

We drive to an isolated location and access the head of the valley by snowmobile. A horse shoe shape mountain area gives us various skiing possibilities. Transfer to a hot spring hotel. 


Day 4

We travel further north to ski a roadside backcountry location. Both sides of the narrow valley provide great fall-line tree skiing. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Chuting Gallery.' 


Day 5

 We are back in the same valley from a few days ago to ski the other options. Transfer to a city on the northern coast which overlooks the sea ice of Okhotsk. Dinner out and then drinks at a local bar.


Day 6

Travel day to the north west point of Hokkaido. From our departure port, see Russian influences due to the town’s proximity to Sakhalin Peninsula. See the remarkable sight of the volcano rising out from the ocean on the voyage. You will be staying at a hot spring hotel. 


Day 7- 9

Over the next three days you will transported via snowmobile across the approaches. Ski from the summit when it is clear, and on low visibility days ski the sheltered tree-line areas. Each day enjoy the thermal outdoor hot-spring to finish. In the evening, enjoy expertly prepared seafood by your hosts.


Day 10

Morning return ferry. On our return journey to Asahikawa we make a stop at a local resort for some sidecountry turns. Arriving in the evening, we will celebrate our last night at a traditional 'izakaya' restaurant.


Day 11 

Airport transfer