Ability level

Level 1    Never experienced powder or been off-piste before, but keen to give it a try. You can ski/ride the piste                    with confidence but are slower in bumpy or icy conditions, or when it is steep.

Level 2     Had some powder experience of up to 5 days but haven’t skied it without a base. Can ski the piste                         with confidence without any problems, in any condition.

Level 3     Feel quite comfortable in powder with 10 days or more of experience. Some situations like                                     negotiating trees or variable snow conditions can still be challenging.

Level 4      Strong all round skier/rider with 10 days or more of bottomless powder conditions. Slower                                      through the trees or when the snow becomes variable.

Level 5       You can ski and ride everything in all types of conditions with speed. Have skied 20 days or more of                        deep powder conditions. 

Fitness Level

Level 1        The least physically demanding days.  Typical days around ski resorts where we ski the sidecountry                         terrain. The ascent might involve a half hour skin climb. 

Level 2         On these trips some fitness will be required.  A gradual ascent of 2 to 2.5 hours duration typifies                              days on this type of trip.

Level 3          A reasonable level of fitness will be required on these trips. A gradual ascent of 3 to 4 hours is                                 typical of days on this trip.

Level 4           A good level of fitness will make the days more enjoyable on this type of trip.  Days would                                     involve ascents of five hours or more.