Level 1
Intermediate piste Skier Ski greens and blues confidently, but black runs and moguls are still too challenging. Never been Freeride before.
Likely to say: 'I want to ski black runs well and start Freeride skiing'

Level 2
Intro Freeride Skier (Advanced piste Skier) Can ski black runs but are still challenging. Have ventured Freeride with varying degrees of success (deep snow is still something of a mystery)
Likely to say: 'I'd love to learn how to ski well Freeride.f

Level 3
Improving Freeride Skier Enjoy black runs and the kind of tracked out Freeride terrain found around many big resorts, but you haven't skied much in deep snow without a base to it yet.
Likely to say: 'I'd like to ski well in powder/link lots of short radius turns.f

Level 4
Confirmed Freeride Skier You can put down a reasonable set of tracks in powder, but difficult snow types - heavy wet snow, crusts, poor visibility or 40 degree slopes can all cause problems (though you can cope with them safely, if not elegantly!)
Likely to say: 'I'd like to handle difficult snow/steep slopes more confidently with better style'

Level 5
Advanced Freeride Skier Can put turns in through heavier snow and on icy 40 degree slopes, but difficult breakable crusts and skiing a fresh track Freeride in zero visibility are still somewhat challenging!
Likely to say: eI've been skiing twenty years.f

Level 6
Expert Freeride Skier Can ski all snow types including crusts in control and are happy on slopes of 45 degrees or when putting in a fresh track in zero visibility.
Likely to say: 'Bring it on...'

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