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Daisetsuzan Backcountry Week

Furano sits nestled at the foot of the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range.

The location puts you to within some of the best backcountry skiing that Hokkaido has to offer. On fine days you will have access to the highest mountains on the island and excellent alpine terrain, and on lower visibility days some of the amazing tree skiing for which Japan is famous.

In the lower ranges you will be towed by snowmobile across the lengthy approaches to the base of the mountains where you start skinning.

Finish each day in local hot springs and dine out in the local town of Furano.


Expect 800 meter vertical descents in the higher alpine zones of Daisetsuzan National Park and 700 meter verticals below tree-line in the lower ranges. We will typically ski around 1,500 meter vertical days in total. A highlight of the area is having the opportunity to ski a live volcano in the national park.


This area is blessed with frequent precipitation fed from cold pressure systems passing over the Sea of Japan, with an annual snowpack that averages between 3 to 4 meters. It also boasts some of the lightest and driest powder in the world due to cold temperatures and low humidity levels.


Please inquire with your accommodation preference. We can offer a package price including this guided program and accommodation through a local licensed travel agent. We can also help organising airport transfers, ski and equipment rentals.

For single or couples, please inquire to join an exisiting group.


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Typical Program

Day 1
Check in and meet your guide to discuss the plans for the week.

Day 2
We will travel across the valley to the southern end of the Daisetsuzan national park, known as Tokachidake. We will be skiing through beautiful wide open glades in some of the lightest powder you will ever experience. Finish the day in a natural thermal spring surrounded by a primeval forest.

Day 3
You will go north to a range that we can access via snowmobile. Ski some of the finest tree skiing in Central Hokkaido. This is our favorite terrain and some of the steepest backcountry skiing Hokkaido. Ski runs like 'Time Warp' which our guides come to ski on their days off.

Day 4
If we ski at this location it means there has been a major snowfall overnight. As such, conditions here are always deep! The last run finishes at a local hot spring and then dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 5
We will be tree skiing in the lower ranges on the weather days. You will be taken on snowmobile on the long approaches to where you will start ascending the peaks. Ski some of the finest tree skiing in Central Hokkaido.

Day 6
Tree skiing in the lower ranges accessed by snowmobile.

Day 7
The last day you will ski the highest mountain in our backcountry terrain. This is the prized mountain and one of the longest verticals in Hokkaido which is around 1,500 meters from the peak. Even if we don't make it to the summit, there is some amazing tree skiing at the lower elevations. We celebrate the last night at a local traditional restaurant.

Day 8
Farewell and airport transfer.


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