AST Level 2 Course Program


Day 1 Morning

Review of AST1

  • Avalanche phenomena, formation and characteristics of avalanches
  • Avalanche Terrain Recognition, introduction to the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale
  • Changes in mountain snowpack, snow metamorphism
  • Accessing and utilizing the Avalanche Danger Scale and Public Avalanche Bulletins
  • Using the Avaluator 


  • Safe travel and trip planning
  • Review of Companion Rescue
  • Avalanche and back country safety gear
  • Gear check
  •  Transceiver review
  • Logisitics for the Field Days

Days 2- 4

Days will be spent on tours in to the backcountry which are designed to exercise your decision making skills. You will be in real avalanche terrain appropriate to the conditions and the Avalanche Danger forecast for that day. 

  • Proper back country travel preparation in avalanche terrain
  • Use of avalanche edanger scalef and other information gathered by professionals
  • Use of the Avaluator 2 TM
  • Group management and safety in the backcountry
  • Avalanche terrain recognition
  • Route finding in avalanche terrain
  • Decision making in avalanche terrain
  • Snow profiles and stability tests such as the Compression Test and Rutsch Block
  • Weather, snow pack and avalanche activity observations
  • Snow stability analysis
  • Companion Rescue and group rescue skills including

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